Wild Night

Wild Night

Washed in gray

Time..  you've got me on this ride 

Till you're numb.. we're seeing the signs


I'd sell it all to see the light..

But this goes on.. this goes on..


The Fall

I'm trying to abide, it's a lot to learn to swallow

You wanna flee in the night? I've been lonely since the fall

Turn to your before, going over and over tomorrow

Time to analyze, is it…


Prefer to Kill

I sense your light

It's bottled up inside

I'm sure you tried

But not enough to save me


You spend your life..

In those twisted spires

It builds up in time..



Turning On

Who loves the lover's saga?

Who needs the pain?

You say your life's been fouled up

And I'm to blame

What a lovely implication...

I'm on a last resort vacation


Farewell to mass…


Held Up Again

Why would you celebrate tonight?

When you can't advocate tomorrow?

I'm only turning out the light on us

Cause I can't overlook the sorrow



It's too late, I'm held up again



This is a Lie

Stuck in a dark place

I don't want to see you

I wanna let you go before I slip and fall through

I wanna listen

I want to believe you

Come on and take my…


Don't Crash

Don't waste your time, I'm only feeling sick cause I've been lonely

Time out of mind, I've had some time to think things over

Another line? another means to cheapen what we started

I'm dead inside, that…



Darling did you know I think about you? 

I can only rest assured when we're fast asleep 

Cause in my dreams you're a ghost and I can't be seduced to touch you 

More and more in the…


Love is Cold



These are some

Trying times

When real life hurts

We tried to pull the bandaid

But now it's worse

Let's keep this open ended

Try to avoid the break

My fondest


Somebody's Fallen

Say you don't like me, like me anymore? 
But you could've been should've been at my door 

So I don't tug at your heart strings anymore? 
With a face like that, you've got me shaken to the core


Don't Have to Ask

Your a woman so you don't have to ask

Modern woman, you won't be set back

My heart is wooden, at least my hearts intact

Your a woman, and you don't have to, have to ask


City of Love

Come on in, bag on what I've found

Some say its part of the underground

Jam on the pulsing sights and sounds

Freak out I'll play it all night long


I only shine beneath the…